Performances are back again!

After more than 18 months of cancellations and delays concerts are slowly starting to happen again.

24th October world premiere of "Anima | Persona" for cello and piano by Michael G. Ronstadt and Forrest Tobey at Earlham College, Indiana.

30th October world premiere of "Gravity and Center by The Bassless Trio at Eastern Connecticut State Uni. The piece is based on a poem by American poet Henri Cole.

The Progression Ensemble Oslo performs "As the Wind Behaves" in Oslo Nov 9, Moss Nov 10 and Hamar Nov 11.

30 November Birgitte Stærnes and Telemark Chamber Orchestra performs "Fading Time: Concerto for Violin and Strings" at Gamle Raadhus Scene, Oslo. This will be the second performance of the concerto.

19 December NyNorsk Messingkvintett and Fakta Morgana with singers Frank Havrøy and Silje Aker Johnsen will give two shows at Sentralen, Oslo,  of our new music theathre project "SOL". 

In February 2022 the trio Donkey Jam will give the premiere of "Mirror Systems I-V", composed for saxophone, viola and piano in every possible combination.

Spring 2022 NyNorsk Messingkvintett will perform the quintet version of "Imprints", originally written for brass septet.

Spring 2022 Fakta Morgana with Juliana Venter will premiere the musictheathrehybrid "Minefelt" (Minefield) at Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo.

And more to come!


Performances despite the pandemic!

Despite the pandemic, concerts are happening in Norway. Within the limits of 200 max audience, several orchestras and ensembles continue to give concerts. In November, The Progression Ensemble Oslo will give two concerts: HøstRiss festival arranged by NyMusikk Østfold in Fredrikstad Nov 6, and Mikaels Church in Oslo Nov 8. Works by Magnar Åm, Kari Beate Tandberg, Ginto Mizuki (US), Dagfinn Koch and Bjørn Bolstad Skjelbred. As The Wind Behaves, Lockdown Miniatures #2, #3 and #4.

December 6th, accordionist Andreas Angell will give a solo concert at Mikaels Church in Oslo, with works by several composers (dead and alive) including the world premiere of my piece "Reveal|Conceal", composed to Andreas and Rocco Jerry.


Next year (hopefully) : Premiere of Lockdown Miniatures $2b Viola and #5 Piano by Karoline Vik Hegge and Finn Magnus Fjell Hjelland, "En Følsom Tid" (A Time Of Sensitivity) for choir and 2 vibraphones by Volda Vokal, "Mirror Systems" for Donkey Jam / Lucy Riley and new pianotrio composed for Ars Nova Trio/Birgitte Stærnes. "Vox terra"(solo Cello) and new cello / piano duo "Anima|Persona" composed to Michael G. Ronstadt (US).

Lockdown Miniatures : ongoing and expanding project

About one month ago (April-20) I started composing a series of small pieces for solo instruments, a project that turned out to be a big one! The response from the musicians involved in the beginning were extremely positive, so I decided to expand from 2-4 pieces to 12-15! The musicians decide whether they want to just record or make a video, in the format they prefer or have equipment to. All miniatures has some similarities in musical material, but also differences relating to characteristics of the instrument itself. I will post the links to each video in this article, and add the new ones as they appear.

Lockdown Miniature #1 Alto Sax - Joshua Thomas:

Lockdown Miniature #1b Clarinet - Roger Arve Vigulf :

Lockdown Miniature #2 Cello - Michael G. Ronstadt :

Lockdown Miniature #2 Cello - Tove Margrethe Erikstad :

Official premiere by Tove M. Erikstad Nov. 6 2020 Høstriss Fredrikstad

Lockdown Miniature #2b Viola - Karoline Vik Hegge :

Lockdown Miniature #3 Electric Guitar - Stefan Östersjö :

Lockdown Miniature #3 Acoustic Guitar - Ole Martion Huser-Olsen :

Official premiere Ole Martin Huser-Olsen Nov. 6 2020 Høstriss Fredrikstad

Lockdown Miniature #4 Accordion - Andreas Angell :

Official premiere Andreas Angell Nov. 6 2020 Høstriss Frdrikstad

Lockdown Miniature #5 Piano - Finn Magnus Fjell Hjelland :

Lockdown Miniature #6 Violin - Mathias Jentoft :

Official premiere Matias jentoft Sept. 23 2021 Tøyen Startup Village, Oslo

Lockdown Miniature #8 Flute - Marianne Leth :


2020 - a different year

Projects & Performances 2020 includes

"En Følsom Tid" ("A Time of Sensitivity") performance by Volda Vokal March - postponed


"Vox Terra" - solo cello composed to Michael Gilbert Ronstadt, April - postponed


"Anima | Persona" - cello and piano composed to Michael Gilbert Ronstadt, Fall - postponed


"Still in Silence" Nordic Voices at Hardanger Musikkfest - cancelled


"Crystals"  - Sunnmøre Kammermusikkfestival - September - postponed to 2021


"Mirror Systems I-V" for alto/soprano sax, viola and piano, commissioned by Donkey Jam for Donkey Jam (Karoline Vik Hegge & Finn Magnus Fjell Helland) and Lucy Jessica Riley, to be premiered in 2020 - hopefully not postponed


"Minefelt" ("Minefield") - new hybrid music theathre stage production with Fakta Morgana and Juliana Venter - November at Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo - hopefully not postponed


Ongoing : new trio for violin, cello and piano, commissioned by Birgitte Stærnes, to be premiered 2020/2021





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