Upcoming performances and new CD!

Sunday September 24 at Sentralen, Oslo: premiere of "Different Rooms" for orchestra and band, written to Oslo Musikk- og Kulturskole. http://www.oslokulturskole.no/no/fagtilbud/musikk/tverk17.aspx


"Preludes for Guitar" at Southern Vermont College( US), October 7. The Progression Ensemble: Eric Despard and Rocco A Jerry.


Premiere of "Orfeus" for choir and 2 vibraphones at Vålerenga Kirke, Oslo, October 29. The first of two works based on poems by Rune Christiansen, from his book "En Følsom Tid" ("A time of sensitivity"). Le Voci with conductor Sigurd Engesnes.

FB-event: Norsk Korklang


"The Bee Madrigals" performed by Nordic Voices with featured artist Nils Petter Molvær on new CD. Release September 29 on Aurora (Grappa). https://platekompaniet.no/cd/skjelbred-the-bee-madrigals/


Norwegian premiere of "Quintet for Flutes" November 11, Caféteateret Oslo. Commissioned and performed by "5 på Tvers" ("5 Across"). http://5patvers.wixsite.com/5patvers/concerts