The group FaktaMorgana produces stage hybrides in between research and art, between facts and fiction, between concert and performance-theathre. FaktaMorgana was formed in 1998 and concists of composer Bjørn Bolstad Skjelbred, film and TV-artist Ingebjørg Torgersen and stageartist and director Marius Kolbenstvedt. The production "Evilution?" was performed at Black Box Theathre in Oslo in 2009, and continues the process that started with the productions "MOTOR eller Kunderavariasjoner" (MOTOR or Kundera Variations) - Black Box Theathre Oslo, Ultima 2006, "LEGITIM VOLD?" (Legitimate Violence?) - Stenersen museum, Ultima 2001 and "oh thank heaven for... SEPTEMBER 11?" - Høstutstillingen 2002 / "oh thank heaven for... SEPTEMBER 11? II" - Parkteateret, 2003. Among FaktaMorganas collaborators are among others Eirik Raude, Pia Roll, George Kentros, Pärlor för Svin, Salvatore and Boya Bøckman.




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