Liquid World: Rites and Responses - 2023

Percussion trio and string orchestra min. 4-4-3-2-1 17'

Commissioned by Sisu Percussion and Telemark Chamber Orchestra

FP Sisu Percussion and Telemark Chamber Orchestra conducted by Per Kristian Skalstad

Periferien Concert Series Gamle Munch Oslo March 2024


Standstill: Double Concerto for Violin, Cello and Strings - 2022

Violin solo, cello solo and string orchestra min. 4-4-3-2-1 25'

Commissioned by Birgitte Stærnes / Halvorsen Musikkfest

FP Birgitte Stærnes, Marc Coppey and KORK conducted by Christopher George Halvorsen Musikikfest 2024


Fading Time : Concerto for Violin & Strings - 2019

Violin Solo and string orchestra 4-4-3-2-1 21'

Commissioned by Birgitte Stærnes

FP Birgitte Stærnes with Telemark Chamber Orchestra

Conductor Helge Kjekshus Halvorsen Musikkfest March 2019



Shapes & Colours - 2017

8 part horn ensemble (add. 2 Alp horns) and 2 percussion 13'

Composed to Sissel Grøndahl

Fp Norwegian Academy of Music, conductor Sissel Grøndahl Norwegian Horn Days December 2017


Different Rooms - 2017

Orchestra and band 11'

Composed to Oslo Community Music School (Oslo Musikk- og Kulturskole)

Fp Oslo Musikk og Kulturskole orchestra and band/Tarjei Grimsby Sentralen, Oslo September 2017


On Shaking Ground - 2015

Brass Band 15'

Commissioned by Brasswind Festival for Manger Musikklag

Fp Manger Musikklag/Harald Eikaas BrassWind Festival 2015


Shadows of an Anthem II - 2014

Large Orchestra 11'

Commissioned by the Oslo Philharmonic

Fp The Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra/Ingar Bergby

October 23 2014 Listen


Don Giovanni : Remake - 2012

Vocal soloists, choir and large ensemble

Music theathre based on Mozarts Don Giovanni

Fp festspillene i Elverum, August 8 2012


Echoes of Times Lost(The Persistence of Memory 2) - 2010

12 instruments:fl/cl/ob/enh/bs/hrn/trp/pf/vln/vla/vlc/cb 12' Written to London Schubert Players

WP Kings Place, Out Hear London 19/9 2011 Listen


The Persistence of Memory - 2010

Symphonic Band  20-25'

Commissioned by Vestre Aker Korps

Fp Vestre Aker Korps/Thomas Rimul November 2010 Listen


Polyfonia - 2009

Large Wind/Brass-ensemble & Prc-Quintet 15'

Fp Lungegaarden Korps/Stian Svendsen

Brasswind Festival September 2010


Wave-Chains [Liquid reconstruction 1] - 2005

Sinfonietta 11'

Fp Norw.Academy of Music Ens. for Contemporary Music September-05 Listen


Shadows of an Anthem I - 2004-2005

Orchestra  3'30"

Commissioned by Norw. Broadcasting Orch./NRK P2

Fp Norw. Broadcasting Orch./Peter Szilvay June-05 NRK P2



Inside a moving Spiral - 2002

Orchestra  16'

Commissioned by Juniorsymfonikerne/NSOF


In a different Light - 1997-2001

Sinfonietta  15'

Fp Ensemble Ernst/Thomas Rimul February-2000 Listen


Evolving - 1998

Symphonic Band  14'

Commissioned by Vestre Aker Korps

Fp Vestre Aker Korps/Thomas Rimul 1998 Listen


Triple Concerto - 1993-1995

Sinfonietta with Bassoon/Cello/Perc-soloists  20'30"

Fp Norw. Academy of Music 1995

Soloists : Anders Gedde-Dahl,
Lene Grenager and Andre Fjørtoft


Oppvåkning (Awakening) - 1993-1994

Orchestra/choir/vocalquartet  18'30"

Fp Foss College choir and orchestra 1995



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