Finally the world is starting to get going again, and concerts are back on!

February 2nd Nordic Voices at Munch: Still in Silence and Spring without Voices (From The Bee Madrigals)

February 26th DonkeyJam with Lucy Riley premiere of "Mirror Systems" (viola, piano, saxophone) Slemmestad Church

February 27th DonkeyJam with Lucy Riley "Mirror Systems" Gamle Raadhus Scene, Oslo

March 15th Halvorsen Musikkfest Drammen premiere of "Trio" (vln, vlc, piano) by Birgitte Stærnes, Kristian Ofstad Lindberg and Jan Clemens Carlssen

April 4th Trondheim DonkeyJam with Lucy Riley "Mirror Systems"

April 23rd "Imprints" new version for brass quintet NyNorsk Messingkvintett Nes Kirke

April 24th "Imprints" NyNorsk Messingkvintett Kulturkirken Jakob, Oslo




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